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You can stop covering your thighs etc. because you can really get rid of cellulite. You can remove cellulite in a natural way, of which we tell you how, or you can simply use our very effective Cellumend anti-cellulite cream to get rid of that orange peel skin.
Cellumend - the ultimate cellulite solution.
Cellumend - the ultimate cellulite solution.
You can stop covering your thighs etc. because you can really get rid of cellulite. You can remove cellulite in a natural way, of which we tell you how, or you can simply use our very effective Cellumend anti-cellulite cream to get rid of that orange peel skin.
Dermaxime is the manufacturer of Cellumend - the most effective cellulite cream.
Delivery of cellulite reducing treatment.
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Security on the internet and when shopping on the internet with your credit card.
7 things to consider when fighting cellulite.
We not only offer the best anti-cellulite cream, but also offer a FREE anti-cellulite diet for our visitors.
Constipation is an inter-related problem with cellulite.
Exercise and fighting cellulite.
Breathing and fighting cellulite.
Relaxation to fight stress, worry and cellulite.
Cellulite massage to lose those lumps and bumps.
The lymphatic system and fighting cellulite.
Questions and answers.
Clinical tests and trials of Cellumend. Proving the effectiveness of our cellulite cream.
Scientific investigation into the effectiveness of Cellumend cellulite cream.
Cellulite prevention easier than what you think.
Cellulite - the beast in every bump and hump - but so easily taken care of.
Cellulite nodules - see how our Cellumend treatment remedy removed cellulite nodules.
Decrease of body fat mass and fighting cellulite.
Decrease in extracellular water - reduce excess water from the body - and so much more!
Skin complexion and tone - and the results of the tests done on Cellumend.
Looking for a way to remove cellulite? - then look no further.
Skin elasticity and compactness - increased elastic properties of the skin.
Improved circulation in cellulite affected areas which leads to cellulite removal.
Increase skin smoothness while getting rid of cellulite.
Cellumend is a part of the Dermaxime skin care range and here we list the ingredients of the effective Cellumend anti cellulite cream.
When looking at various cellulite treatments you see the same ingredients in many of them - be that retinol or aminophylline, caffeine or carnitine. We look at some effective cellulite treatments - and the pros and cons for each. We also look at Liporeductyl - the most effective ingredients to help fight cellulite, when included at the right amount in a product.
Our cellulite search page.
Privacy policy at - the premier anti cellulite site.
Links to some great websites.
The molecule Tripeptide-1 (Liporeductyl - the cellulite remover molecule) is found in the highly effective Cellumend cellulite cream and in cosmetics it is classified as a skin conditioning agent and is chemically classed as a protein derivative and used in Cellumend.
Free information on how to get rid of and prevent cellulite - a whole list of other FREE information including diet, constipation, exercise, breathing, relaxation, massage.
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Clinical evaluation of Cellumend anti-cellulite gel and links to free resources.
Fax order form for Cellumend in US Dollar for USA delivery and other parts of the world
Detox diet.
Caffeine is used in our anti-cellulite cream to help apsorbtion of the active ingredients and has asodilator properties which contribute a lipolytic and venotonic effect.
Butcher's broom - Ruscus aculeatus in Cellumend - the cream that prevents cellulite.
Ivy (Hedera helix) is a herbal ingredient to fight cellulite and anti-fat in the highly acclaimed Cellumend cream, but is only one of many constituents that make up this complex formula.
Carnitine helps to free fat from the cells and fight cellulite.
Escin helps to promote circulation, and in this helps our Cellumend formula to get rid of cellulite.
Chrondrus Crispus is used in our anticellulite cream and is also known as Carragaheen and is a type of seaweed with a high iodine content and is used in Cellumend anticellulite cream.
Fucus is used to fight cellulite and has been included as one of the ingredients of Cellumend, but does not constitute its main active ingredient. It is only part of a very complex formulation to fight cellulite effectively, as shown in clinical trials.
Bitter orange extract to help increase metabolism is used in Cellumend.
Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) extract helps to increase circulation (useful when removing cellulite) and has many uses in cosmetic and skin care applications.
Horsetail extract (Equisetum arvense) for help as diuretic, circulation, strengthening connective tissue, boosting collagen and elastin as well as skin elasticity and used in Cellumend - used for cellulite removal.
Laminaria digitata is great as a cellulite treatment. It is a type of seaweed (algae) and contains iodine and is used in treatments against cellulitis and obesity, such as in Cellumend cellulite cream.
Avocado oil is used in our cellulite cream. It is a versatile, rich and deeply penetrating vegetable oil used in cosmetic manufacture as well as aromatherapy.
Almond oil - the versatile vegetable oil used in cosmetic manufacture as well as aromatherapy.
Gotu Kola (Centella asiatica) helps to improve circulation and increase blood supply to the connective tissue and helps with cellulite removal.
We used Black pepper essential oil to increase circulation and help remove cellulite - in the Cellumend formula.
We used Carrot seed oil to help remove excess water and to prevent cellulite in the Cellumend formula.
We used Juniper berry essential oil to fight fluid retention and cellulite in the Cellumend formula.
Lime oil is effective against cellulite and boosts circulation and is used in the Cellumend formula.
Grapefruit oil is a lymphatic stimulant and helps to get rid of cellulite and is included in the Cellumend formula.
Lemon essential oil is used in the fight against cellulite and is in the Cellumend formula.
Geranium oil to help stop cellulite is used in the Cellumend formula.
Fennel oil helps to disperse cellulite and is also included in the Cellumend formula.
Tired of anti-cellulite creams and gels that don't work? Don't despair- Cellumend has been clinically tested.
Reduce the size of your buttocks - proven to be effective.
Reduce the size of your thighs - not empty promises - clinically proven to be effective.
Lose the cellulite - NOT your smooth and moisturized skin.
Smooth body contours and curves go hand-in-hand with fighting cellulite.
Remove orange peel skin - clinically proved to be effective.
This is what you can do to prevent cellulite forming.
Credit card security is important to us at where you buy the world's most effective anti cellulite treatment.
Water (aqua) is an important ingredient in most cosmetic and skincare products, yet few people ever think much about this ingredient.
Myths and Facts about Cellulite
Cellumend Cellulite Cream.
Clinical references on ingredient research at the home of the effective anti-cellulite Cellumend treatment cream.
Freidman test model as used in evaluating the effectiveness of Cellumend Cellulite Cream in clinical trials.
During a 60 day test period on cellulite, the following were studies on: cellulite prevention, buttock and thigh size, water retention, body fat mass, skin elasticity and hydration, smoothness, compactness as well as the complexion and circulation.
Microcirculation and the skin.
INCI names of Cellumend.
TEA-hydroiodide (Triethanolamine Hydroiodide) is a triethanolamine salt and in cosmetics it is used as a skin conditioning agent and belongs to the chemical classification of amides and is found in Cellumend.
Cellumend - de meest effectieve behandeling van cellulitis.
A bloated stomach may indicate a problem, which could be caused by digestive problems.
Adipocytes are fat cells.
At last! some help to get rid of a big butt.
Bladderwrack is often used in cellulite products.
Bloating and constipation can lead to other problems - and can impact on your smooth curves.
Body sculpting is easier than you think.
Body toning exercises are needed to keep your body looking it's best and keep cellulite at bay.
EDTA is a chelating compound and is a alkyl-substituted amino acid and is an ingredient of Cellumend cellulite cream.
Effective anti cellulite cream.
If you are looking for an effective anti-cellulite cream, then look no further.
Give yourself a boost and do a body detox to fight cellulite.
Here are some body sculpting exercises to regain your curves.
If you are looking for an anti cellulite treatment, then look no further.
In a body wrap - home or spa - many different ingredients can be used.
Information on adipocyte cells and cellulite.
Looking for anti cellulite information?
Looking for the best thigh reducing cream?
Many anticellulite creams are offered, yet few are effective.
On its own so-called "anti cellulite pants" may not be the answer.
On the lookout for a anti cellulite cream that works?
Proper blood circulation, for nutrition and removing wastes are need for a perfect body.
The best cellulite creams do not touch Cellumend.
The link of adipocytes and hormones.
There are alternative treatments for cellulite.
There are alternatives to an anti cellulite wrap.
There are more benefits to exercise than just losing cellulite.
There is no need to buy an expensive cellulite massager.
Tired of big thighs?
To achieve body fat loss is only one part of having the perfect body.
Using an anticellulite wrap can be uncomfortable.
Walking has more benefits than just cellulite loss.
We have a free anti cellulite diet available.
We have free articles on how to get rid of cellulite.
When listing the best cellulite products, Cellumend will be tops.
When living a fast lifestyle, body detoxification may just be the thing to get you going again.
With our product you do not need an anticellulite soap.
You do not need any strange anti cellulite instruments.
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The on-line shopping cart of Cellumend, the effective anti-cellulite cream is certified by VeriSign for the safety and security of our clients.
Information on ordering Cellumend - the treatment which people claim is the only real cure cure.
There are various payment options when ordering Cellumend cellulite treatment.
Propylene glycol is a skin care and cosmetic ingredient - and if used correctly contains many positive properties, but due to some local legends, some consumers have the wrong impression about this ingredient.
Glycerin is often used as a cosmetic and skincare ingredient and is also found in Cellumend - the world's most effective cellulite cream.
Lecithin is used in cosmetics, as well as our Cellumend anti-cellulite cream and has some very useful properties.
Xanthan gum is a heteropolysaccharide produced by pure-culture fermentation of carbohydrate and Xanthomonas campestris and is used in cosmetic preparations, such as Cellumend - the anti-cellulite cream from Dermaxime.
Cera alba - beeswax used as emulsifying agent, binder, skin conditioning and fragrance ingredient in the cosmetic industry.
Cetyl alcohol is used as a cosmetic ingredient.
Hydrogenated polydecene is a cosmetic ingredient.
Carbomer is mainly used as a preservative and is also used in Cellumend - the most effective cellulite and thigh cream.
Disodium EDTA is a cosmetic ingredient.
Methyldibromo glutaronitrile as a cosmetic ingredient.
Triethanolamine, an alkanolamine is used as a cosmetic ingredient.
Potassium hydroxide as a cosmetic ingredient.
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